Submit a memorial note online

The Athos Guide Charitable Foundation provides you with a unique opportunity to submit notes to Mount Athos on health or repose of your loved ones. Now you can submit a note to Holy Mountain at any time using our online form. You can submit names for any request on health or repose.
You can choose the Athos monastery and the type of memorial to order a memorial service, a forty day's prayer, a prayer for healing or help in conceiving children, finding a job, or other things that are important to you. There are many shrines on Mount Athos, each of which is considered to help in certain life situations. Your note will be sent to the monastery where the desired shrine is located.
We are committed to delivering your notes within 24 hours. Your application is redirected to the monastery, after which we send you an e-mail confirmation of the note being transferred and the monks having begun to pray.
The purpose of our activity is to help the monasteries and monks of the Holy Mountain. The donations you make are transferred to the chosen monastery along with the names submitted.