Light a candle on Mount Athos

Like any church ceremony, lighting a candle in a temple has a deep symbolic meaning. The candles lit symbolize the light of God.

A candle is a sacrifice that we make to God, one of the few things that we can offer him as a gift. In fact, lighting candles is also a prayer. This is no less, if not more important, an appeal to God than submitting notes to churches.

For the first time, our charitable foundation specializing on helping Mount Athos monks offers the opportunity to light a candle for you on Mount Athos. This is a very important project, the implementation of which took us a lot of time and effort: after all, it is impossible to go to the Holy Mountain to ask the monks to pray for you and your loved ones every time there's a need for this. Now you have the opportunity to do it at any time from all around the world.

On this page, you can choose a monastery or a shrine where you would like to light a candle, and the monk will light it for you or your loved ones.